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Riggingpro maintains a fleet of specialty rigging, lifting, and material handling equipment.  Below is a list of some of the equipment we own.


Hydraulic Gantry Systems:

(For use with header beams to lift heavy loads in Lift N Lock units are wheel-propelled. Powered trolleys, load swivels, hydraulic equalization,and weighing systems are available for gantries.)

800 Ton Lift Systems 4 Jacks Height 27.5’

450 Ton Lift N Lock 4 Jacks Height 34’

220 Ton Lift N Lock 4 Jacks Height 27.5’

100 Ton Lift Systems 2 Jacks Height 21’

80 Ton Lift Systems 2 Jacks Height 18’

40 Ton Lift Systems 4 Jacks Height 16’

Cantilever Bars:

(for lifting process equipment and other items in structures without overhead access; these bars are lifting girders with powered counterweight system to balance load rigged to one end of the Cantilever Bar)

125 Ton Capacity Main bar—50’ twin T1 steel girders; with extensions,

max reach can be up to 50’ in from hook. Heavy swivel

attachment allows independent rotation of lifted load.

20 Ton Capacity Main bar max reach 30’ in from hook

10 Ton Capacity Main bar max reach 30’ in from hook

2 Ton Capacity Max reach 10’ in from hook

Spreader Bars:

18” Diameter, Capacity 500 Tons

12” Diameter, Capacity 250 Tons

8” Diameter, Capacity 140 Tons

6” Diameter, Capacity 90 Tons

4” Diameter, Capacity 45 Tons

3” Diameter, Capacity 20 Tons

Custom to 1000 Tons

Team Lift Bars:

300 Ton Capacity with 360T Swivel Length 25’

150 Ton Capacity with 150T Swivel Length 13’

Fork Lifts:

140,000# Capacity Superlift (lift up to 27’ high)

100,000# Capacity Versa-Lift (with power rigging boom)

30,000# Capacity Caterpillar

20,000# Capacity AutoLift (compact)

15,000# Capacity Hyster

12,000# Capacity Hyster

12,000# Capacity Clark (low-profile 70.5” tall & rigging boom)

10,000# Capacity Hyster (low-profile 72” tall & rigging boom)

8,000# Capacity Caterpillar (38’ Telescopic Boom & Outriggers)

5,000# Capacity Hyster

4,000# Capacity Nissan


85 Ton Grove Hydraulic Truck Crane

30 Ton Terex Boom Truck

70 Ton Grove Hydraulic Truck Crane

8.5 Ton Broderson Carry Deck (qty. 2)

15 Ton Broderson Carry Deck

Roof Top Cranes & Derricks:

17 Ton Capacity Timberland Derrick Boom 110’ Stiffleg & Guyed Derrick

5 Ton Capacity PCR Freestanding Boom 50’ Mobile on tires or track

5 Ton Capacity PCR Freestanding Boom 50’ A-Frame on Rail System

3 Ton Capacity PCR Freestanding Boom 30’ 360 Degree Rotation

1 Ton Capacity PCR Tripod Mobile Boom 15’ Tongue Steering-Manual

Trucks & Trailers:

Peterbilt Truck Tractors

Over 25 Float, Lowboy, Single Drop / Double Drop Trailers up to 100T capacity

Test Weights:

Up to 1.5 million pounds

Rail Conveying Systems:

Jack & Slide System 25 Ton Capacity

Jack & Slide System 250 Ton Capacity

Jack & Roll System 800 Ton Capacity

Manual Gantries:

10 Ton System Height 18’

7 Ton System Height 12’

5 Ton System Height 12’

Hand Jacks & Portapower Systems:

Up to 800 Tons

Load Scale Systems and Load Testing:

Portable Systems up to 500T–Hydraulic jack cylinder pressure gauge system

(we customize to fit any load with +/– 0.2% accuracy)

Proof Testing to 500 Tons for Rigging, Spreader Bars, and Frame Bars

Material Baskets & Platforms:

25 Ton lift platform 8.5’ wide X 12’ long (with removable sides)

2 Ton light duty skip boxes 4’ wide X 8.5’ long (with tailgate)

5 Ton medium duty skip boxes 6’ wide x 10’ long (w/ extra 3’ slope–one end)

Personnel Baskets:

2-person baskets

3-person baskets

5-person baskets

Shackles & Slings:

A large supply of anchor and sling shackles in stock.

Steel Beams and Girders:

Steel for track, rail, header beams, and custom rigging applications—

more than 1 million pounds in inventory.