Riggingpro, Inc. is a rigging company in Houston, Texas. Organized in September, 2002, started as a consulting and specialty rigging operation to provide expert assistance and specialized rigging apparatus to crane and rigging companies.

Our Mission

To be the safest, most quality-conscious, and most innovative company in the specialized rigging industry.

Our Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide the highest levels of service to all customers
  2. To preserve high professional and technical standards in order to achieve the highest level of safety
  3. To provide a uniform image and maintain high ethical standards
  4. To respond quickly and sensitively to the changing needs of present and potential customers
  5. To maintain and, where opportunity occurs, expand the present market scope
  6. To manage, operate, and market Riggingpro in the most efficient manner
  7. To create a service and people- oriented work environment, assuring all employees of fair pay and working conditions and continuing concern for their careers
  8. To provide overall superior service and good value in the market segment in which we compete
  9. To excel in anticipating and quickly responding to customer needs and competitor activity
  10. To sustain a working environment that attracts, retains, and develops committed employees who share in the success of the company
  11. To deliver friendly, professional service consistently through well trained and motivated employees
  12. To search continuously for improvement through innovation and the use of technology
  13. To employ planning and decision-making processes that provide clear direction and sense of purpose
  14. To foster a leadership style throughout the organization that encourages respect for individuals, teamwork, and close identification with customers
  15. To strive constantly to achieve agreed standards of quality at competitive cost levels
  16. To be a reliable customer, working with suppliers as business partners to insure mutually satisfactory standards of quality and schedule for delivery
  17. To strive always to be a reliable supplier, justifying a reputation for dependability and good service
  18. To follow business practices that are fair and responsible
  19. To provide the safest and best working conditions
  20. To give each Riggingpro employee equal opportunity for personal achievement and recognition
  21. To have no tolerance for dishonest dealings with vendors or customers ( eg, bribes, kickbacks)
  22. To practice honesty and integrity in all matters