Cantilever Bars

Cantilever bars are used for lifting of components in structures without overhead access (alternative to time-consuming rollers, jacks, & removal of obstacles)

Gantry Lifts

Riggingpro has gantry systems from 800 Ton capacity to 10 Ton capacity. With the range of sizes it allows us to man your job with the right size equipment. For super heavy lifts systems can be teamed up.

High Rise Hoisting

Riggingpro has the largest selection of high rise hoisting options in the Gulf Coast. A 16 Ton Timberland Derrick and a 5 Ton Riggingpro modular crane (that can be carried up stairs) make up some of our options.


Riggingpro owns a huge selection of forklifts, rigging trucks, and machinery moving trucks. The trucks have a capacity ranging from 140,000# to 4,000#. Take a look at the equipment page to see some of the equipment.


Riggingpro has new carry deck cranes up to 22 Tons that can be used for lifting heavy loads in tight spaces. We aslo have boom trucks and truck cranes.

Rigging Rental

Riggingpro has a large selection of spreader bars, shackles, slings, and other custom rigging equipment. Check out the equipment list on the equipment page for some specifics.


Riggingpro has over 1.5 million pounds of weights that can be used for may applications. Weights range in individual sizes of 45,000# down to 100#.

Heavy Trucking

Riggingpro provides heavy trucking to give our clients a turn key solution.

Jack and Slide

Riggingpro is currently constructing a low profile, Jack and Slide