Riggingpro does work on a regular basis for a wide variety of clients; from super heavy lifts in the petrochemical industry to small delicate pieces of art for collectors. Below are some of the industries we work for.



Riggingpro utilizes our in house engineering and fabrication department to come up with one of a kind plans to tackle the heavy and technical lifts in the power industry.

Cantilever Bars


Riggingpro provides turn key services in the petrochem industry as well as support services that assist the owner or other contractor.

High Rise Hoisting


Riggingpro handles and installs all types of medical equipment. From large MRI’s to small testing chambers.

Cantilever Bars


Riggingpro has the equipment to lift and move any size press or other manufacturing machinery.



Riggingpro has one of a kind compact lifting systems that can be hand carried and setup in difficult areas, as some equipment rooms are. We also have larger equipment to lift any unit to any height.

Cantilever Bars

General Contractors

Riggingpro provides unusual and complicated lifting methods for projects all over the country.

Gantry Lifts

Fabrication Shops

Riggingpro provides services to load, haul, and install any size skid or fabricated vessel. Our numerous gantry systems and our jack and slide systems assure projects go smoothly.



Riggingpro moves and sets up sculptures, murals, paintings, and many other one of a kind pieces.